Shopify vs WordPress for E-Commerce 2020

AWM BLOG   •   JAN 1, 2020

Before we start the process involved to compare Shopify vs WordPress, it’s important that you understand that they’re both very different tools.

Shopify is a leading web application that was designed specifically to help merchants design and build reliable online stores. If you’re looking for an ecommerce platform that can give you a domain name, access to PayPal, your own ecommerce plugin, a shopping cart and other useful features, Shopify is it. The clue is in the name – it’s all about helping people shop. Shopify comes with a wide range of templates to choose from, which you can customize to suit your individual requirements and branding needs. What’s more, there’s a different Shopify plan to suit everyone.

On the other hand, is a piece of ecommerce or website-building software that you’ll install into your own web server. This open-source solution can be customized as much as you like. is an extremely flexible tool that’s easy to use and tweak – particularly if you have a coding background.

You can install the solution onto your server for free, but there will be costs for hosting that solution, so it’s not 100% free of charge. However, WordPress hosting solutions are very easy to find. What’s more, with your WordPress website, you get a bunch of fantastic features. WordPress comes with access to the WooCommerce plugin for ecommerce, as well as all the tools you need to make your own storefront and checkout. Thanks to plugins, you can easily access all the ecommerce features you need.

On top of that, WordPress is incredibly extensible. Alongside free themes and add-ons, there’s a WordPress plugin for practically anything. You can use the web hosting service for everything from product reviews, to inventory management, and more.

The good news is that both tools offer a wide range of rich features, plenty of templates, and a host of other fantastic solutions to offer. Additionally, Shopify comes with a free trial to help you get started, while the WordPress software is totally free to use – all you need to do is pay for hosting and plugins when you’re ready to go.

The best reasons to use Shopify instead of WordPress include:

  • Shopify is easier to use and set-up than WordPress for beginners. Shopify also has its own Shopify payments solution.
  • Hosting is included with the product, rather than managed separately.
  • A lot of features that are sourced separately for WordPress come as standard with Shopify.
  • The technical aspects of managing your website are minimized.
  • You’re at less risk of being hacked with Shopify, simply because WordPress is more popular, and therefore targeted more often.
  • Shopify is largely responsible for the security of your website. On the other hand, you’ll need to manage your own security with WordPress.
  • Shopify is a better option than WordPress for users that require simple and quick performance.
  • Shopify offers a far better experience when it comes to customer service, support, and guidance for new and existing users.
  • The product is available to try for free for 14 days.

The best reasons to use WordPress instead of Shopify are:

  • The software is completely open-source and available to download for free.
  • You can build any kind of site using WordPress, which means that you get a much more flexible platform than Shopify.
  • WordPress comes with a more sophisticated system for content management, which comes with things like archiving and content versioning.
  • There’s a vast selection of plugins available for WordPress, both premium and free, so you can choose the kind of features and functionality you need. Plugins are available from Shopify, but it’s to a smaller extent.
  • There’s a vast selection of options for ecommerce strategies in WordPress.
  • The number of variants and product options you can create in WordPress is a lot more flexible than it is with Shopify.
  • SEO in WordPress is generally a lot better because you have access to the leading plugin from Yoast.
  • WordPress gives you more control over your content and marketing strategies than Shopify. You might have a hard time starting with content on Shopify.
  • WordPress is a much better option than Shopify for multi-site projects or multi-language stores that need to spread across the world.

Will you be using WordPress or Shopify to build your ecommerce store? Let us know in the comments below!